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Court finds Rabbi wrongfully dismissed

Administrators’ dismissal of Rabbi wrongful

Anthony Elkerton and Ron Dean-Willcocks have run aground in their attempts to make redundant the head of South Head & District Synagogue (Sydney) with NSW Supreme Court Justice Paul Brereton ruling that the administrators’ termination of Rabbi Benzion Milecki’s employment amounted to wrongful dismissal. In the matter of South Head & District Synagogue (Sydney) (Administrators appointed) [2017] NSWSC 823 it’s revealed that the administrators gave the Rabbi notice…

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From deed administrator to liquidator: a tough transition?

Deed administrator to liquidator – a transition

When a deed administrator has no more hair to tear then he or she must assess the options – assuming there are any – and act. In the case of still hirsute Helm Advisory principal Stephen Hathway, that has meant embarking on an arduous path through the courts in search of an order that will, if obtained, see his role as administrator of the Plaza West…