ANZ appointees accused of trespass in SPL bid

Here’s an unholy shemozzle for the Federal Court to exorcise. Two banks, each with multi-million dollar exposures to separate companies within the same group. Four appointees, installed at some point as either receivers or liquidators of various companies within said group. Add the main shareholder and director, who’s defending one bank’s attempts to bankrupt him. Toss in ASIC. Season with allegations that receivers took possession…

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No pluses for Minus in chambers sale challenge.

No pluses for Minus in chambers sale challenge

Derek Minus may well be a dispute resolution specialist of the highest order but that does not seem to have helped him resolve his dispute with BPS Recovery’s David Sampson. The pair have been at loggerheads over the sale of Minus’s barrister’s chambers in Castlereagh Street since Sampson was given authority to sell the property in his capacity as court-appointed receiver late last year. In…