Trust assets question determined in IP's favour

Cor Cordis pair score big on trust assets

The Federal Court has a delivered a wide ranging judgment on the disposal of trust assets by liquidators and receiver/managers that will have the Department of Employment’s FEG recovery unit abuzz as it prepares its appeal to the decision of Amerind Pty Ltd (receivers and managers apptd) (in liq) [2017] VSC 127 (23 March 2017). In Kite v Mooney, in the matter of Mooney’s Contractors Pty…

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Receivers agree to settle over FEG claims

dVT to settle with FEG as liquidators focus on factorer

In what might prove to be valuable guidance for other insolvency practitioners who’ve fallen foul of the Department of Employment’s (DoE) FEG recovery unit, dVT Group’s Riad Tayeh and David Solomons are about to settle their dispute and SiN has it on good authority that a deal is imminent and could be confirmed as soon as next week. Proceedings were initiated against the pair on October 31,…