Was it Worrells duo’s ‘inadvertence’, or ASIC’s?

Worrells pair Nathan Deppeler and Nick Cooper have at last put their brief stint as unwittingly unregistered liquidators behind them and Federal Court Judge David O’Callaghan has disclosed in his recently published reasons the difficulties in hearing an application from the pair when they were technically unregistered. As Justice O’Callaghan pointed out in his opening, “Their registrations as liquidators expired earlier this year because, through inadvertence,…

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Rob Naudi move precipitates court application

Liquidator’s departure precipitates mass replacement

An excellent example of the complexities involved in tying up profuse loose ends is usually to be found whenever a liquidator retires, dies, is struck off or, in the case of Adelaide practitioner Rob Naudi, leaves one firm for another. Naudi had been firmly ensconced at PPB Advisory until the top tier decided it couldn’t make a buck in the Hermit State of Comrade Jay and upped stumps….