Yeo and Rambaldi’s preference claim Baskett case

Down in bleak city, Pitcher Partners’ Andrew Yeo and Gess Rambaldi have failed in an attempt to reboot a $337,928.27 preference claim after a judge ruled that amendments to their originating process were invalid and the alleged preference recipient was therefore served out of time. The judge laid the blame for the bungle with the liquidators’ lawyers. Yeo and Rambaldi were appointed liquidators of Convector Grain…

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Notice to produce scuttled by judge

ASIC scuttles liquidator’s production notice

Quitting as a liquidator has yet to earn ArmstrongWily principal Andrew Wily a break. His attempt last month to resign as liquidator from 35 companies drew correspondence from ASIC querying whether the route by which he sought to convene the meetings of creditors might’ve invalidated his retirements and this week the regulator scored a win in the opening exchanges of its fight with the keen…